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SWFP has provided water and waste treatment equipment to small and medium sized towns, recreational areas, industries and private utility companies since 1977.  We have a proven track record of providing cost effect  solutions for wastewater treatment projects throughout the Southwest.  The company has had the same address, phone number and ownership  for its entire history.  We depend on satisfied, repeat  customers.

Before you begin your next sewer plant expansion betting on the latest and greatest technology, give us a call. We offer waste water treatment plant designs that are easy on the budget up front and after everyone is gone from the site you will have high quality effluent and low operation costs.

Important Features

  • Proven designs which have been used for years
  • No more "this should work" projects
  • Turnkey, single source responsibility
  • Steel or concrete tank
  • Field erection by the company's fulltime employees is available